innovation by design.


Multi-award winning creative agency entirely committed to boost innovation through the power of design. Focused on creating new outstanding strategies to elevate any business or activity, we build tailored-made brand communication projects and advertising campaigns suited to our clients goals.

We believe in design’s intrinsic power to archive innovation: by presenting alternative solutions to creative challenges, it enhances an emotional connection with customers and represents an essencial tool to gain a business advantage among competitors. Design and creativity thinking from the bottom up are crucial in any organisation to build a user-focused experience and create a product or service that actually fulfils a purpose. We believe the success of any organisation resides in the capacity of mastering the function of the product and simplicity of the user experience.

At LOW we understand the value of your brand and help create an innovative approach to any business development, whatever it is a new corporate id, or branding, or product placement and communication strategy.

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